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The 6 Best Gifts That Will Make Any Coach Happy

on November 23, 2020

The 6 Best Gifts That Will Make Coach Happy

Coaches are tough to shop for.  There are so many types but one thing in common is that they are selfless and are more concerned about giving than receiving.  They rarely talk about what they want.  So what do you give them to show your appreciation for all the work they put into making your athlete better?  Have no fear.  Here we have a list that will help you get started to finding that perfect gift.  



Custom Shirt

Gildan Short Sleeve 100% Cotton T-Shirt 5.3 oz

Nothing says appreciation by giving your coach a shirt that’s personalized just for them.  You can upload your images, type their name or message, or do both!  There are so many apparel options.  Here are just 2 of them:  

Multi-function Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones and Heart Rate Monitor

Coaches have to be masters of managing their time.  They go from working, to coaching, to talking to parents, to working out, ect.  These headphones help them either charge their phones or are conveniently hidden within their smart heart rate watch.  These will help them get through their day easier by keeping their phones charged or keeping their headphones nearby.  

Stop Watch

3x100M Digital Stopwatch - Just GT

One of the bread and butter tools of the trade for coaches!  This stopwatch allows coaches to get the most accurate splits and times.  It is extremely durable and lasts for years.  Your coach will always think of you every time.  (pun intended)

Coach’s Bag

TYR Commander Laptop Case

Coaches need something to keep them organized and contain all of their tools for coaching.  These bags are durable and hold everything they need.  Coaches are competitive by nature and they will love anyone who helps them get better.  Give them one of these and they will never stop thanking you.


Electric Whistle For Sports and Outdoors

Whistles are another common tool for coaches.  Spice things up by giving them an upgrade with one of these fancy whistles.  They provide a unique twist and upgrade to help them run practices and competitions!  

Comfortable Shoes

Mizuno Men's Wave Revolt Training Shoe - Just GT

Help them protect their feet and joints by making sure they are walking on some of the best shoes for comfort, support, and durability.  Here are some that are great for coaching near water or walking/running on the turf or court.  


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