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Top 5 Gifts for Dog Lovers

on November 12, 2020
  1.  Mobile Dog Gear Pet carrier Plus 

Mobile Dog Gear Pet Carrier plus

 If you like to travel a lot and you feel bad for not being able to take your furry pal, then this mobile carrier is made for your pets needs. It has storage for not only food and water bowls but for treats, toys and so much more. It can hold dogs that are up to 15 pounds and is made with a ballistic black fabric and has three breathable mesh a on top as well as on the sides. It has a padded bottom with a washable liner as well. Never travel alone again. Get it now!


  1. Mobile Dog Gear Day/Night 6 PC Walking gear

If you or a friend love going on walks or on runs and want to bring your pets this is a perfect gift not only is this gear organized it has simple look this bag is the perfect size to take it with you on walks and run it can hold water bottles, treats, and any supplies you need for you and your dog it has a large middle compartment and a pocket for dog waste bags which are included when you buy this awesome piece of gear. Get it now!

  1. Foldable Elevated Dog Cooling Bed

If your pet enjoys the out the doors but you worry if they are going to get overheated by the sun then this cooling bed is the best thing that has to your dog this bed not only have canopy it is also elevated from the ground so air can circulate to make your pup the cool dog in the neighborhood. Get it now!


  1. Waterproof Dog and Child Seat Covers

Do you worry about dog hair or spilled drinks or food falling on your seats well no worries  this seat cover will save your seats from expensive deep cleans to get the stains out these seat covers are a great money savers and will look nice in any type of car or suv. Get it now!

  1. Pet Car Seat 

Do you worry about your small cat or dog that is going to distract you in the back the seat while you drive use this car seat to put your pet in the passenger side seat while you drive so you don't have to worry about hurting you or your pet this pet car seat will hold any small cat or dog  and gives them a comfortable place to sit or lay down while you drive it has two hooks that keep it in place while you drive and the water proof material makes for easy cleaning as well this car seat can be folded up for easy storage you and your pet will love the product.  Get it now!



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