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Top Gifts For Fitness Lovers

on November 24, 2020

Looking for something to give that fitness or CrossFit junkie in your life? From cool gadgets to functional gear, we have something for everyone passionate about health and wellness! And with many of us finding more creative ways to fit movement in, these gifts are sure to impress even the most well-equipped athlete.


Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones and Heart Rate MonitorBluetooth 5.0 Headset TWS Wireless Earphones Mini Earbuds Stereo - Just GT

Wireless headphones stored in the convenience of a watch? Look no further! This unique design provides a carry case as a watch to keep your wireless buds within reach and always ready for on-the-go access. One device, many functions. The smart watch band not only stores your headphones it also monitors your sleep, tracks your calories, heart rate, steps, and blood pressure. The smart watch has a 7-15 day battery life and also allows you to set alarms, receive calls and text notifications making this portable piece of tech the ultimate workout companion.

Already have a smart watch? No problem! We have a set of amazing wireless headphones that come in a compact case that not only charges the headphones but also your phone and can do so up to 25 times, providing 120 hours of use and 150 hours of call time. These slick headphones are waterproof, dustproof and sweatproof making them perfect for all types of activity, both indoors and out! With voice commands, LED touch-screen display, intelligent noise reduction, memory pairing and HiFi sound quality, these headphones are a great addition to compliment anyone on the move!


Retractable Foam Roller and Roller Stick - Just GTPleno Massage Gun-Handheld Deep Tissue Therapy Massager (M2.0) - Just GT

Foam rollers and roller sticks are a great way to help your body recover. Foam rollers help by releasing tension in the muscles to reduce soreness while improving flexibility and range of motion. While stick rollers help to provide myofascial release and trigger point therapy. Since the foam roller and roller stick are used for different things, this 2-in-1 tool is a great way to save space while never compromising on options. For the stick option, easily retract the roller and to use the roller option, simply expand! It’s really that easy!

If you have a foam roller or stick already and are looking to improve the way your muscles recovery, try the PLENO massage gun as it does not disappoint. Designed to provide deep tissue therapy increasing lymphatic flow and reducing lactic acid, allowing your muscles to be relieved of fatigue, soreness, spasms and stiffness. Vibration technology stimulates blood flow, significantly reducing muscle recovery time, giving you the quickest way to bounce back after a tough sweat session. And with a 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year replacement warranty, you can’t go wring with this investment!


TYR Elite Team Gym Duffle BagOGIO Metro Pack - Just GT

Always on the go? Always rushing to get your things together? Always scrambling to find what you need? Then this bag is for you! The TYR Elite Team Gym Duffle bag is the bag of every athlete’s dream. Packed with pockets for easy organization and tons of compartments for wet/dry storage, ventilation needs and accessories. Not to mention the removable, waterproof laundry bag and one suit carabiner! Bag can be worn as a backpack, duffel or over your shoulder with the strap/handle and is made with state-of-the-art materials like water-resistant fabric, hooded leak-proof zippers and ventilated and expandable compartments, this bag is the ultimate option. 

Need a bag that can be used for work, school and the gym? Consider the OGIO Metro backpack as your next purchase. This bag comes with dual laptop storage for both long- and short-term travel. When needing easy access, leverage the padded side-entry. And when traveling for longer distances, use the drop-in sleeve found in the main compartment. This bag provides ample amount of storage for all your laptop needs including accessory compartments for your power cord and mouse as well as fleece-lined drop-in audio pocket with headphone exit port. This bag is lightweight, yet durable with sternum straps and can fit up to most 15” laptops.


Wireless Portable Bluetooth Wearable Speaker

This wireless speaker has a unique design that hugs your neck, providing a comfortable and functional solution for your everyday needs. This speaker is best used when working out outside – running, hiking, walking and biking or while working on the yard or at the dog park! This speaker is also great for use around the house while cooking and cleaning. Four speakers provide true surround sound and lasts for up to 6 hours of playing time. Comes in four great colors!


Mizuno Men's TF-02 Training ShoeMizuno Women's TF-02 Training Shoe - Just GT

Mizuno training shoes for men and women provide the ultimate in comfort, agility, style and price. Mizuno training shoes utilize innovative performance research to help improve body awareness and foot sensitivity. No matter your goal – walking, jogging, cross training or running a marathon, Mizuno has the shoe to help get you to the next level.



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