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Bike Flip Clock - Just GT
Bike Flip Clock - Just GT

    Bike Flip Clock


    Size: 20*9*12cm

    Color: Black

    Material: Stainless Steel+ PVC

    Movement type: Sweep Movement

    Requires 2 battery (not included)

    Wash Installation steps:

    1. Install or demolition PVC only one blade, and please remember to the position.

    2. Demolition blade, please remove the blade of one foot first, and then remove the other foot.

    3. You can clean the PVC blade.

    4. Install the blade to the original position. Please put one foot into the hole of the blade inside, then put a little bend at the blade, and the other foot into another hole inside it.

    5. The reference to the vertical position of the blade, according to the order in accordance with other blades.

    6. If the blade is damaged, please image this blade ,and then I will reshipping the new blade.